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Proficiency in using RAMP for Risk Management of Work-Related Injuries KTHOpen

Improve your skills in using the RAMP-tool and take lead in the risk management process

About This Course

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common reasons for absence from work today. Millions of workers around the world suffer from MSDs, which also lead to reduced productivity and quality losses at companies, and to increased medical costs and reduced Gross National Product for societies. Do you want to change this and improve work environments? KTH offers a program with three courses about the RAMP tool. Taking these courses enables you to take the lead on creating sustainable working life.

In RAMP Course 3: Proficiency in using RAMP for Risk Management of Work-Related Injuries, you practice using all four modules in the RAMP tool, intended to manage musculoskeletal (MSD) risks. You become skilled in managing the whole risk management process and you will work with authentic cases from the business community.

This is the third of three courses where you will learn how to apply the whole MSD risk management process, from risk identification and risk assessment, to concrete action plans and follow-ups. These courses are taken online, are self-paced and are free of charge. You can choose to study each course separately. Everyone is welcome to register and no specific prerequisites are required.